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The talent technology company

Our assessment products and services help to ensure you have the right people, in the right role, at the right time – ALL THE TIME.

With more than 12 years of data and a comprehensive understanding of how to measure people's potential for success, we can help you with selection, assessment, people development and leadership assessment.


At our heart is our unique Strengths-based methodology that shapes our award-winning range of off the shelf and bespoke solutions. These support clients across the world in selecting the right people and increasing engagement and motivation, leading to better performance, productivity and improved retention. 

Authentic Assessment |  People Development |  Transformation |  Leadership Assessment

How can we help you?

Our assessment products and services can support across your entire process, whether your need is for something straight 'off-the-shelf', customisable or completely bespoke.

Use our simple tool to find the product and service that best suits your current needs.


Keep up to date with the latest industry trends

Download our white papers which offer a unique insight into a range of topics from across our industry.

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Case Studies

There is no such thing as a typical client at Capp.

We create award-winning solutions for organisations across the globe.

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